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Projects: Turnkey Solutions for the recycling industry

Design, Manufacture & Installation of Mixed Paper and Card Sortline

Our past projects have included several turnkey projects including a Mixed Paper Sortline for the recovery of mixed paper and OCC. 

This project increased the customer’s tonnage of mixed paper being sorted for the use in the manufacture of quality newsprint.

Design, Manufacture & Installation of Bulky Waste Facility

We completed the full turnkey project of the design and install of a 5 bay picking line, including conveyors, a picking cabin and separation unit for the recovery of materials from existing bulky waste collections.

This project focused on the reduction of the amount of waste going to landfill whilst recovering the more valuable materials, such as wood, rubble, metals and fibre.

We were engaged to undertake the upgrade of our customer’s MRF by installing new processing equipment to the existing system.

This involved the design and upgrade of the MRF to improve the recovery of cardboard and valuable materials from the fines output stream. It comprised new processing equipment including conveyors, an eddy current separator, a vibrating screen and a dust and paper filtration unit. 

The objectives of the project were to divert the recovered cardboard directly into the card baler. Also, valuable materials such as aluminium cans were recovered by the new fines separation equipment to improve the overall operation and recovery levels of the MRF, whilst reducing the amount of waste.